Izuru Shinsato

Kitsune Ninja with a knack for chatting it up


HP 44
AC 17
Flat Footed N/A (see feats)
Touch AC 14
CMD 21
Fortitude +4
Reflex +9
Will +4

Uncanny Dodge
Poison Use
Change Shape
No Trace (+2)
Light Steps
Sneak Attack (3d6)



Izuru was born on the island of Samos, deep within the Atsuko Forest. Therein existed a secluded village of Kitsune, who lived by the values of family, harmony and honor. Izuru’s younger years were uneventful, but full of joy and well-being. He was taught from a very young age how to interact with the many inhabitants of Elderak, and learned to carry a profound sense of respect when face to face with another. By the time Izuru was into his ‘young adult’ years, the forest was invaded by Senbo, the Timeless embodiment of Envy; without any proper training, he was unable to defend his people, and was forced to flee his homeland. He found shelter with the Katsubana ninja clan, who had been considered outcast and unwelcome by the Kitsune, as they did not strictly uphold the same values. With this induction into the clan, Izuru sought to create a balance between the ruthless efficiency and cold nature of the Ninja, and the diplomacy, kindness and unity of the Kitsune. Creating such harmony has been Izuru’s life goal; however he can never shake the thought of his family still out there, waiting to be found…

Izuru Shinsato

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