Cecil Durandal

Tower Magus with a tendancy for bookishness


Current Level: 6
Stat Block
Str: 16/ +3
Dex: 14/ +2
Con: 14/ +2
Int: 16/ +3
Wis: 16/ +3
Cha: 13/ +1
HP: 46
Initiative: +2
AC: 14
Flat Footed: 10

Saving Throws
Fortitude: 7
Reflex: 4
Will: 8
Base Attack Bonus: 4
Spell Resistance: 10
CMB: 7
CMD: 16

Current Equipment:
Longsword 1d8 damage, 19-20 crit range, x2 damage on crit
Studded Leather Robes
Sand Wraps
Dowsing Rod
Staff of Cure Light Wounds
Spellbook of Cure Light Wounds
Spelllbook of Silience (Unusable)
Magus Spellbook
Magical Chime Instrument

Character/Race Skills
Magical Lineage: Intensify a spell by one caster level to change its properties. Use as if it is the original caster level.
Shocking Grasp > Element of Choice Grasp (Shock, Flame, Ice, Acidic) when modified by Elemental Spell.
Lunge: Increase the range of a weapon swing by 5ft at the cost of -2AC, can be stacked for even more range for more AC cost.

Class Skills

Spell Combat: Cast spells as an offhand attack at the cost of -2BAB on mainhand attack.

Spell Strike: Whenever casting a touch spell, deliver it through the weapon for melee damage + spell damage. If melee misses, maintain the spell charge. x2 damage on crit.

Arcane Pool: At first level, gain a pool of points that can be spent that can be spent on temporary weapon +1 weapon enchantments that last one minute. Spend points as a Swift Action. Every four levels beyond the first, gain another +1 enchantment bonus. Pool total equal to 1/2 level + Intelligence modifier. Current Pool Total is 6 points.
Weapon bonuses stack with pre-existing bonuses, but not with themselves.

At the fifth level, these enchantments can be used to add any of the following weapon properties at the cost of their enchantment bonus intensity (e.g. +4 bonus = -4 arcane pool points):
Dancing, Flaming, Flaming Burst, Frost, Icy Burst, Keen, Shock, Shocking Burst, Speed, or Vorpal. Each weapon property will be detailed in my own notes for reference.

Spell Recall: Recall any spell previously used without having to prepare it, cost of Arcane Pool Points is equal to caster spell level.

Bonus Feats:

Extra Arcana: +1 Magus Feat

Elemental Spell: Change the elemental damage of a spell or split the damage between its normal element and another chosen damage

Magus Arcana: A pool of points that can be spent on acquired Magus Feats to have an effect. Pool Total = 1/2 character level + Intelligence Modifier. Current Pool Total is 6 points.

Magus Feats

Level 3 Feat: Arcane Accuracy – Spend 1 Magus Arcana Pool Point, add Intelligence modifier to Base Attack Bonus. Can stack with itself all under one Swift Action

Level 6 Feat: Spell Shield – Spend 1 Magus Arcana Pool Point, Immediately gain a shield bonus to AC equal to Intelligence Modifier until end of next turn.

Bonus Magus Feat: Concentrate – Reroll any Concentrate Check with +4 modifier. Does not spend Pool Points, but can only be used once per day.


Cecil Durandal is the son of a family of blacksmiths from a small village that discovered around his adolescence to have a latent capacity for magic. The last Mage to be born of the Durandal family was several generations ago and was thought to no longer be existent within the family bloodline. His family sent him to the nearest tower, armed with a sword that his father forged for his journey and a thirst for knowledge. On his journey to the Tower, he found that the family pet had followed him on his journey. The pet was a wolf/hunting dog mutt that the family nursed back to health after finding him injured in the nearby woods. The dog was named Fang in reference to his canine teeth hanging out from his muzzle when his jaw was closed, most likely due to his wolf lineage giving abnormally large teeth.

At the tower, each new student is brought forward to a council of the Tower’s master’s be evaluated to find what study best fit the aspiring pupil. Granted Cecils’ aptitude for metallurgy, the teachings of the Magus was a natural fit. Master Callo Desran took young Cecil under his tutelage and began his rigorous training regiment, in which they trained in the sword by day and moonlight knowledge by night. A decade of this practice passed and Cecil was brought before the Tower Council for his final examination. Cecil passed with flying colors became an officially sanctioned magus of the Tower of Daramus.

Cecil’s fully realized occupation began immediately, with an assignment from Grand Master Torvick himself to investigate reports of a necromancer running rampant in the city below. Working under the jurisdiction of the local police force, Cecil met two cooperators on this investigation. A Kitsune Ninja, Izuru Shinsato and a Orc Druid, Targoroth. The three set out to end these happenings to restore peace of mind to the peoples of Daramus.

Cecil Durandal

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