Samos is an island located in the South West waters of Elderak. It is covered by rich forests and pristine lakes, with very little industrialization on the island. The largest settlement and capital of Samos is Kata City. Traditionally a non violent culture, the Samosians value family, hospitality and honor to a high degree. Samosians often pursue medical or healer occupations in an effort to better uphold these tenants. In addition, people of Samos will get huge, geometric tattoos, called Sankai, signifying clan, achievements, and personal flair. The Island is also home to Kitsune, such as Izuru Shinsato, and the Katsubana ninja clan. The Islands Timeless is a fox spirit named Izanami.

Island Geography

Samos is covered mainly in temperate deciduous forests, the main one being Atsuko forest, home to many magical and non magical animals, as well as hiding away the Kitsune population from the world. The largest lake on the Island is Lake Hanatore. The Topography of Samos is relatively flat, with the highest point being a hill located in the central forest. Where there are not rocky bluffs, beautiful beaches litter the coast of the island, and local folklore speaks of mermaids visiting some of them.

Island Culture

Due to the teaching of the Timeless fox spirit Izanami, the majority of Samos’s population are pacifists, using diplomacy and hospitality to solve many of their problems. Because of this, much of the population goes into the business of diplomacy or the healing arts, and crime is almost non-existent, making city guards scarce. The Katsubana ninja clan believes that this pacifism is a fatal flaw, and trains anyone willing to learn.


All Samosians get large, tribal style tattoos – similar to Samoan tatau – when they come of age. The tattoos, or Sankai, are a large geometric sleeve covering one arm, and often part of the chest and back. The designs included can represent family, clans, personal achievements, as well as individual flair and design. Many Samosians can easily tell who you are and where you’re from by just glancing at your Sankai.

The following of Izanami

Many on Samos worship Izanami as a deity. While izanami themselves has told people they do not approve of this worship, it doesn’t stop them from appearing at cultural or religious festivals held in villages. While Izanami is relatively immortal, and cannot die through natural means, they are not invulnerable, and cannot grant blessings or power like actual gods. This doesn’t seem to stop worship though, and people are not getting hurt, so Izanami allows it.


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